Lancework is a fantastic way of creating your own unique bespoke display, where it be the name of your loved one, your latest innovative product or any message Lancework or Fire Writing is the perfect way to add that special touch to any event in Sussex, the UK or Europe. This versatile pyrotechnic can be used to spell out or design virtually any message or image.

Even the colours are customizable, whether they are the corporate tones of a brand or the personal preference of a happy couple. Lancework is designed with the client in mind down to the last detail.

Lancework is created by the joining of several smaller pyrotechnic units by extremely rapid burning linking fuses. The fuse burns at between 56 feet to 300 feet per second! This ensures the ignition of the firework is virtually simultaneous.

The individual units are laid out on our specially designed framework in the shape of the desired message or image. Several pinpoints of bright vivid colour are connected into the curves and lines which have been designed.

The dazzling colours are created by the chemical reaction of burning rare earth metals, combined with oxidizers at temperatures greater than 1000oC. Each metal produces its own unique colour for example Magnesium produces a brilliant white, Strontium releases a vivid red, Copper generates a deep blue, and Barium creates near fluorescent green.

Popular shapes include hearts and champagne bottles (using fountains to represent the flowing champagne) or messages such as "Will You Marry Me" or "Happy Anniversary".

If you would like more information about lancework please fill out our contact form, email, call us on 0800 975 6573 or visit our showroom and offices in Sussex.

We are dedicated to achieving the display of your dreams, complimenting your chosen venue by emphasizing terrain or features such as lakes or foliage. Aurora can even carry out surprise displays for your guests and family, a fantastic grand finale to really put the "Icing On The Cake". With skill and imagination Aurora can perform truly visionary displays. Call 0800 975 6573 for a free no obligation quote or visit our showroom and offices in Sussex.

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"Well, where do we start?!! Firstly apologies for the delay in sending this email but we have been away on our honeymoon. We wanted to say a huge thank you for providing the amazing fireworks display for our wedding. It was absolutely spectacular; beyond our wildest dreams!! The display was incredible and it is still the talk of the village - people came from far and wide just to see the fireworks once they got wind of what was happening. I think seeing you pottering about in the boat in the afternoon tipped the locals off and word spread like wildfire! You certainly didn't disappoint. Our guests were totally blown away by the display and it really was the icing on the cake for our wonderful day...the firework rain was the cherry on top! We have been recommending you to all and will be sure to use you again should the situation arise. I have passed on your details to the photographer and videographer so that they can credit you on their websites. I will be sure to send you copies of any pictures/film once we receive it in a few weeks."

Holly & Jay

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