Music and Light by Aurora

Music and light displays stimulate many of the human senses, the vibrant colours dazzling in the sky with the background music tantalising the aural sensations. Our lighting range creates a kaleidoscope of colour, accentuating nearby features of a venue from lakes, fountains, trees, walls or ruins. The personal address (PA) system sets the atmosphere, creating the mood for the tone of the evening, no matter the occasion. Used in conjunction with our pyromusical displays the aura created by these Son et Lumiere shows leave guests amazed and engrossed in the entire event.

Aurora Fireworks use some of the most sophisticated pyromusical firing systems in the world, from the famous FireOne system to the future of wireless firing technology Pyrosure. With ranges of up to 3km, accuracy to within 0.001, over 1000 individual cues and the ability to fire over 300 igniters simultaneously these systems are the best in world. With inherent security features such a release to stop switches, fully encrypted Wifi data transfers and unique arming codes safety the top priority with these systems. In built diagnostics systems mean that fire codes are sent multiple times with communication, power and connections checked numerously.

Our lighting systems can be choreographed to DMX controllers allowing them to be synchronised with any local sound source. This selection of lasers and lights dance across any canvas be it the night sky or an area of terrain. Our Space Flower searchlight sends multiple beams of bright light into the night sky visible from 5 miles away, this spectacular piece of technology adds that "Hollywood" feel to any event. We can also provide lighting in the form of our low wattage external/internal LED lights, this can be used to illuminate important areas such as footpaths or steps. For softer lighting we can offer Paraffin lamps, wax torches or even florescent glow sticks.

If you would like more information on how we can illuminate or amplify your event please fill out our contact form, email, call us on 0800 975 6573 or visit our showroom and offices in Sussex.

We are dedicated to achieving the display of your dreams, complimenting your chosen venue by emphasizing terrain or features such as lakes or foliage. Aurora can even carry out surprise displays for your guests and family, a fantastic grand finale to really put the "Icing On The Cake". With skill and imagination Aurora can perform truly visionary displays. Call 0800 975 6573 for a free no obligation quote or visit our showroom and offices in Sussex.

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"Hi Stephen, Well, what can I say ??? !!!!! Everything went to plan and right on time. Everyone was crying, especially Dominic!!! Well done all of you and many, many thanks. Cannot wait to see the video from our photographer. We will never forget last night and nor will 150 other people. Very best wishes Lauren xxxx"

Lauren Sparkes

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