Fireworks to music or Pyromusicals as they are known, add an extra dimension to any firework display. With our Public Address (PA) System your display can be choreographed, synchronised and accompanied by music. Ranging from classical to film soundtracks to contemporary. The whole display is bespoke, from effect to colour to music.

Using some of the most sophisticated firing systems in the world from the famous FireOne system to the future of wireless firing technology Pyrosure. With ranges of up to 3km, accuracy to within 0.001, over 1000 individual cues and the ability to fire over 300 igniters simultaneously these systems are the best in world. With inherent security features such a release to stop switches, fully encrypted Wifi data transfers and unique arming codes safety the top priority with these systems. In built diagnostics systems mean that fire codes are sent multiple times with communication, power and connections checked numerously.

Fireworks with Music can be emphasised by choosing tracks with peaks and troughs, allowing single shot fireworks to be fired at each of the beats. Alternatively colour association, shapes or the tempo of the music can dictate the type of fireworks used. Our music studio in Sussex means we can mix your desired tracks to make your pyromusical display to fulfill your imagination.

With the advances of technology and a greater level of research and development from our factories in China, Pyromusicals have become affordable whilst still maintaining the spectacle of a dramatic fireworks display enhanced by the accompanying music track.

Music choices have included first dance tracks, memorable tracks, pyromusical themed tracks and even been accompanied by choreographed dancing! From the 1812 Overture, Queen, Pirates of the Carribbean to Lady Gaga there are not many tracks that won't work with a spectacular fireworks display.

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