Safety is the number one priority for Aurora Fireworks. Ensuring our spectators and our team are safe whilst firing and enjoying a fantastic fireworks display can be done with the level of expertise and training our team has. From a site safety check, firing layout, product testing and firer training your show will be in safe hands.

Our Health and Safety Officer has 10 years of experience with pyrotechnics, graduating from the University of Leeds with a BSc (hons) in Fire and Safety Management and MSc in Fire and Explosions Engineering. This has allowed Aurora to fire amazing displays from some extremely difficult sites including rooftops of 40 and 50 storey buildings. Our Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental Policy is available by request.

Stephen Byles our Health and Safety Consultant can also provide professional display training in conjunction with the British Pyrotechnics Association (BPA). This two day course can be conducted on the third weekend of each month and provides a City & Guilds Certificate and a BPA License card, this is a document of competency to use Category 4 Professional Fireworks. With 10 hours teaching time, a one hour multiple choice exam as well insight into the industry from the construction, importing, storage, preparing, firing and disposal this course is invaluable to any professional firer who will need to document competency with Category 4 items from July 2013. For more information about the courses or their format please contact us on 0800 975 65 73 or email

This inherent safety led company means this knowledge can be passed to your own display. With recommended layouts, firing order and firing tips such as waterproofing, securing and fixing.


Recommended safety layout for Category 3 fireworks. This distance can be reduced to >5 meters for Category 2 and increased to a minimum of >50m for Category 4 fireworks (or 1 meter safety distance per mm of calibre of fireworks).

This is the firework code, we recommend you follow this code in order to ensure a safe fireworks display.

  • Keep fireworks in a sealed box or tin
  • Use them one at a time, replacing the lid immediately
  • NEVER put fireworks in your pocket
  • Read the instructions carefully, using a torch or hand lamp NEVER use a naked flame
  • Light fireworks at arms length using a taper or a firework lighter
  • Stand well back and NEVER return to a firework after it has been lit, it could explode in your face
  • Ensure that all chidren with fireworks are well supervised
  • NEVER throw fireworks
  • Keep all pets and animals indoors
  • Take care of sparklers, wear gloves to hold them and dispose of sparklers in a bucket of water as soon as they are finished

Should you wish for more safety advice please give us a call on 0800 975 6573 and we can provide free safety information and tips for having a brilliant and safe display. Or visit the website below.

Fireworks Safety Website

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"We are writing to thank you for the exceptional professionalism contribution that you and your staff nade to the Gadsby Wicks 20th Anniversary Celebration at Hylands House last Saturday night. Your creative input and attention to fine detail was a major factor in the overall success of the party. The feedback from our guests is testaments to the flair and dedication that you had so obviously put into the project to create such a memorable occasion. The pyrotechnic fireworks display was nothing short of amazing. The start time was well orchestrated and the creative interpretation most impressive. It was enhanced by the sound tracks. The seamless smooth running of the preparation build up and the delivery of your highly professional services on the night are to be commended. It was a pleasure to have Aurora as part of the bigger team which resulted in an astounding event. "

Gadsby Wicks Solicitors

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