Selection Boxes:

Star Chaser Selection Box

A great assortment of brightly coloured fountains and roman candle effects providing a great value mini display.


Moon Fleet Selection Box

A fantastic selection of fountains, roman candles and rockets giving great variety and value for a garden display.


Moondust Selection Box

Category 2. A good assortment of brightly coloured fountains and effects providing a balanced mini display and offering great value for money. Low Noise.


Mercury Rising Selection Box

A large selection of colourful fountains offering great variety and entertainment for all the family.


Solar Storm Selection Box

A brilliant selection of 24 garden fireworks, including fountains, candles and rockets.


Fusion Selection Box

EU Category 2. A great selection of 3 assorted fountains and 7 multi shot barrages including crackle flowers, butterfly, whistles, fish effect and chrysanthemums making a high visual impact display. This pack comes with its own fire safe tray for easy setup and firing.


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